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How it all started!

We are committed to help and support parents of preeschoolers and child carers... and here's why!

Raafat, CEO and founder of Bote

Many years ago, a child got lost in a christmas market for one hour. It became a terrible experience for his parents, who hopelessly tried to find him in the crowd. They finally managed to reach him, but could never forget their panic! Such a small event can truly affect a parent’s confidence and sense of security, as well as the childrens’. That’s why, when that kid grew up, decided to solve this problem once and for all by creating Bote!

Our startup is developing a new tech gadget: a short-range wearable device for children, that alarm their parents on their smartphones if the kids move away from them. Our philosophy is to create kid-centric and user friendly products, involving parents and children. We want to give peace of mind to parents in their daily life, so that they can enjoy valuable time with their family without unnecessary worries.

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