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Together against Corona

Attendance documentation


How it works

Customers can easily access the attendance documentation page by scanning the QR code on their tables. Each partner will be provided a unique QR code for themselves by us.


Customers will be requested to input their names, phone numbers and addresses. After hitting the submit button, their data will be stored on our secured encrypted database and automatically removed after 14 days.  

Benefits for our partners 

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Peace of mind

No more running back and forth to hand over and collect attendance sheets. No more looking for a place to store all of these papers. No more remembering to remove all customers’ info after 14 days. In the worst case, no need to run around looking for these papers. We do all of these for you!

Save money

Save the environment

The printing expense might be nothing during “normal” times but in this pandemic, every cent matters! With an online attendance documentation system, you can avoid this extra cost and at the same time, save our planet! It’s a win-win situation after all.

Extra features

You want to upload your menus online, run some ads, or promote a website/product or whatever that you have been offering for ages but folks have no clue about? No problem, just let us know ;)


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