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Don't lose sight of your small children

They run, play, hide... How hard it is to keep always an eye on your children!

BOTE is the smart gadget for your children that notifies you on your smartphone when you lose sight of them in a crowded area.

How does it work?

Attach bote device to your child's clothes or wrist
Our free App notifies you whenever your child goes out of a certain range.
That's it! Now you can relax and enjoy your valuable time together.


Easy to use and Manage

No Infrastructure

No need to deploy any infrastructure in the location. No upfront instalments 


Designed as secure peer to peer system. No one can track where your kids are.

Works Indoors

Unlike other solutions in the market, BOTE works indoors!

No Sim Card

Bote provides the longest ranged device available on the market without a Sim Card

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